viernes, agosto 30, 2013


»El mismo tábano demoníaco que empuja a la ebriedad, a la furia, al delirio, a la iluminación«.

Roberto Calasso, Las bodas de Cadmo y Harmonía,1988.

miércoles, agosto 28, 2013

Tanto como la vida

»Una única cosa en efecto, vale para el hombre tanto como la vida misma: un amor dichoso«.

Pausanias, Descripción de Grecia, VII, 19, 1-5.

lunes, agosto 26, 2013

Inferno, 1, 32

From the twilight of day till the twilight of evening, a leopard, in the last years of the thirteenth century, would see some wooden planks, some vertical iron bars, men and women who changed, a wall and perhaps a stone gutter filled with dry leaves. He did not know, could not know, that he longed for love and cruelty and the hot pleasure of tearing things to pieces and the wind carrying the scent of a deer, but something suffocated and rebelled within him and God spoke to him in a dream:  You live and will die in this prison so that a man I know of may see you a certain number of times and not forget you and place your figure and symbol in a poem which has its precise place in the scheme of the universe. You suffer captivity, but you will have given a word to the poem. God, in the dream, illumined the animal’s brutishness and the animal understood these reasons and accepted his destiny, but, when he awoke, there was in him only an obscure resignation, a valorous ignorance, for the machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of a beast.

Years later, Dante was dying in Ravenna, as unjustified and as lonely as any other man. In a dream, God declared to him the secret purpose of his life and work; Dante, in wonderment, knew at last who and what he was and blessed the bitterness of his life. Tradition relates that, upon waking, he felt that he had received and lost an infinite thing, something that he would not be able to recuperate or even glimpse, for the machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of men.

Borges, Inferno 1, 32, in Labyrinths,  edited by Donald A. James and James E. Irby, 1964.

Melissa Morgan

Canta Until I Met You (Corner Pocket)


domingo, agosto 25, 2013

55 Beautiful Flower Pictures for Your Inspiration

Today we have a collection of beautiful flower photography submitted by our community of excellent photographers here at TPA. Flowers hold such magic for most people. I think it’s the delicate beauty people are most drawn to. Flowers also signify life renewed as most of our beautiful specimens below were shot in spring. 

 We hope you enjoy this collection and if so please pass it on.